Womens Crossfit Shoes

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The Reebok partnership with CrossFiT means we're investing in your greatness. From listening to CrossFitters when creating our best CrossFit shoes for women, to championing the Reebok CrossFit Games, We're right alongside your journey to betterment - physically, socially and mentally.

Cover every movement your next WOD could throw as you with the comfort and stability of Reebok CrossFit shoes for women. There are three styles of Reebok CrossFit Shoe, the Speed, Lifter, and the CrossFit Nano. The Speed gives maximum movement and support so you can exert maximum power and propel yourself to a new PR. The Lifter are sturdy squat shoes featuring a dual strap system to keep you locked on the platform whilst reducing energy loss and keeping you comfortable. The Nano are our signature all-rounder that is durable and lightweight, secure and flexible - everything you need in The Box.

Reebok back CrossFitters 100% with CrossFit shoes and apparel that goes as hard as you do. Just like you won’t compromise, it's in our DNA to produce gear that gets CrossFitters ready to smash their next WOD.