Womens Cross Training Shoes


Cross Training Shoes for Women

Reebok Cross Training shoes incorporate stability, suppleness and comfort so all the functional movements of your next WOD are covered. Whether you're tackling a set of clean jerk and snatch, mastering the balance of a handstand, or smashing out burpees, your Reebok kicks can handle a punishing in all disciplines.There are three styles in this specialist shoe range, the Speed, Lifter, and the Cross Training Nano. The Speed is a lighter shoe with added stability for fast bodyweight based WODs. The Lifter is the shoe of choice for Cross Trainingters taking their resistance training to the next level. The Cross Training Nano are our all-rounder for the athlete that does it all. Constructed to stand up to all WODs, these are Cross Training shoes women can rely on every day, for every workout.Delivery for your Cross Training shoes is free if totalling over $150. We're sure you'll love your new Reebok kicks, but sometimes you might find the fit just isn't quite there, so we're backing you up by offering free returns within 30 days.