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The beauty of New Zealand is just asking to be walked. Whether in a group or going solo, walking can raise the heart rate and refresh the mind. Get out of you head and into a pair of Reebok walking shoes, designed to support your feet so you can relax and get into your stride.

Your best shoes for walking will cushion your feet and support your posture, transferring energy effectively so you feel the bounce. Reebok's latest innovations in footwear tech are showcased in the walking shoe range. DMX technology delivers a moving air component within the shoes that gives superior cushioning and flexibility underfoot. Couple this with the latest in ripstop, breathable fabrics and you've got a walking shoe that outperforms in every way.

Whether you're reaching for a daily step count or are on your feet a lot for work, hanging at home or running errands, Reebok men’s and women’s walking shoes are designed to be durable, flexible and most of all, comfortable.