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The heart of Les Mills lies in New Zealand where 4 time Olympian Les Mills founded a chain of gyms in Auckland. Since then, son Phillip Mills unleashed the workout regime on the world, beginning with the first BODYPUMP® class in 1990. Today 5 million people take a Les Mills class every week.

Reebok and Les Mills is a partnership that works. Reebok create the kicks that Les Mills men can count on once the music starts pumping, Les Mills keep smashing high energy workouts out of the park, and together we all strive for a fitter planet. From the intensive GRITSTRENGTH® power class to the high intensity cardio of BODYATTACK®, Reebok have the tops, sweatshirts and shorts men can rely on to get through a sesh in comfort.

From Speedwick tech and ACTIVChill to keep the body cool and dry, to shoes that showcase the latest innovations in flexibility and support, Reebok can stock your Les Mills workout gear with the best kit. We know you don't compromise on your workout, keeping your body and mind sharp. Just like you, Reebok will never settle for less than the best, always striving to make improvements so you can get out there are perform to your best, body and mind.