Dance Wear



When your body is in sync with the beat and you feel at one with the music everything feels so alive. Have your dancewear swing and sway with your movement, hugging and flexing in all the right places. Whether you're working up a sweat in Zumba, hollering in Hip Hop or shakin' up SH'BAM®, Reebok have the dance clothes the showcase your moves. Learning a new style or mastering an old one, Reebok dancewear is both functional and comfortable. Flashy foil prints and jazzy fabrics feature heavily in the collection, catching the light as you bust out your flare. We have a range of dance tops and dance tights to choose from. Unleash your emotion and let your energy flow, watching as Reebok dance wear accentuates your lines and showcases your rhythm.


Dance moves every part of you, body and mind, but your feet can sure take a beating. Support every landing with Reebok dance sneakers, engineered specifically for lightweight flexibility and ankle support. With deliveries for orders over $150 attracting no charge, and qualifying returns also free, you can order your Reebok dance gear without a second take.