Combat Gear


If you belong in the ring, then Reebok is in your corner. From training gear for the everyday, to the official walkout hoodies worn by all UFC fighters on Fight Night, Reebok have lain down the gauntlet of combat clothing.The Reebok combat clothing engineers take inspiration from UFC fighters, trainers, and you when designing our boxing clothes. You need to be flexible, durable and relentless in your commitment to a job well done in the ring, so our boxing gear is exactly that. You take no prisoners when you're smashing out a sesh, and Reebok clothing will never hold you back.The Reebok combat clothing range features all manner of boxing gear, from specifically designed boxing shorts with Speedwick technology and a slim fit that moves with your body, to boxing t shirts and tanks in breathable fabrics and stylish prints. Once you're done in the ring, the range of boxing hoodies will keep you warm and comfortable whilst allowing you to cool down gradually.With innovations in boxing clothes specific to Reebok and their combat range, there's no better time to step into the ring and show the world you've arrived.