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CrossFit® / November 24, 2019
Jihan Thompson, Contributor
9 Best Gifts for CrossFitters 2019

These WOD-approved ideas will be surefire winners for anyone on your list.

CrossFit® / September 06, 2017
Ali Cerasuolo, Global Newsroom
How to Improve Rowing with 4 Tips

The rowing machine. Whether it’s your first stop in the gym or your last, this machine can be the backbone of any workout.

CrossFit® / August 29, 2017
Carrie Anton, Contributor
10 Things to Know before Your First CrossFit Class

Terms like “burpee,” “WOD,” and “box” have piqued your interest for some time and your CrossFit curiosity has gone on long enough—you’re finally ready to throw yourself into your first workout.

CrossFit® / August 24, 2017
Michael Leddin, Reebok Australia
Achieving by believing. Wisdom from the world’s fittest.

Goals and dreams vary. Belief is a constant. But it’s maintaining it that can be a little tricky. We sat down with one of the globe’s fittest females, our very own Maddie Sturt, to find out the role ...