Alien Stomper

$ 530
Color Retro Yellow/Black-Gum (BS8882)

A classic shoe with an epic makeover

An unforgettable battle. An epic pair of kicks. We're reintroducing our iconic Alien Stomper with a revamped look commemorating the final showdown of alien vs. machine. Classic comfort tech gets a makeover with heart stopping style. These two legendary styles come wrapped in a box that's just as impressive as the shoes themselves with every last detail recalling that final 'Aliens' battle. The inner box is decorated as the Queen’s chamber with an Alien Hive pattern while the outer box is modelled on the Powerloader bay, the chamber that houses the suit. For the outer box, there is a green splatter that references the alien’s acid blood burning through the container as well as key design cues that make direct references to the outer lock door. There are various hidden details that reference 'Aliens' as well as Reebok mythography. The inner box, inspired by the Alien Hive, has a distinctive pattern that hides Xenomorphs, face huggers and eggs. It also incorporates design details from the body of the ship including the iconic floor grates, air vents and hazard stripes from the Powerloader. The box is made by hand, using high gauge cardboard which has been printed using multiple techniques and then debossed to add depth and texture. Tucked away safely inside, each shoe is stored in a separate drawer.
  • Materials: Leather upper for sleek style with support
  • Mid-cut shape for extra ankle support and improved stability
  • Designed for: Classic looks, casual wear, statement-making style
  • EVA midsole for cushioning comfort
  • Rubber outsole for traction
  • Bold design treatment pays tribute to the "Aliens" film
  • Customers note: if a return or refund is required on your purchase, both pairs must be returned

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